Adorn Yourself, Adore Your World.

Adorn your soul with ethically made products thoughtfully chosen through personal relationships with our artisans. Every product is hand-selected with the purpose and intention to bring you healing, joy, and a deep sense of self.

Our Mission

Our two woman team searches the globe, expertly selecting items for our collections from small owned businesses that support our world with fair wages.  We cultivate personal relationships in which everyone benefits and thrives. Since we believe in creating a better world through our work, we have teamed up with several charitable organizations. We hope to bring awareness to key issues and, more importantly, solutions for a more peaceful world. 

  • Nonprofit of the Month

    AIM Well Kids parters with schools in Kansas City to offer free yoga classes to students. Their goals are to create a more dynamic learning experience for young minds that can help foster self-awareness, self- exploration and discovery and lead to a  journey to aspire, inspire, and motivate themselves to grow into healthy, confident, and conscious adults.

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  • About AIM Well’s Founder Debonie Lewis

    De[BONI]e Lewis (pronounced like “ebony” with a “d”) is a yogi and health care professional trying to find the balance between it all. Boni started her yoga practice in 2014 and was a flighty practitioner for a few years. It wasn't until she placed herself in an extremely uncomfortable and challenging situation that threatened my well-being, that she regained her motivation to practice and inspired her to create safe places for others to heal. Now a 200hr trained teacher, she has found new peace within herself and with the world around her. Yoga has made Boni a better friend, co-worker, lover, and person to herself. She sees her yoga practice as a protecting shield from the outside world. When Boni flows, meditates, studies, and embodies yoga for all it is -  she feel more aligned with herself and is able to take on the BS from the outside. 

    AIMWell Enterprise as the vector to bridge the gap between who gets the experience the benefits of yoga and who don’t. Their plan to bridge the gap is to partner with schools through AIMWell Kids to offer yoga in the classroom. Build their community through AIMWell Yoga to provide a traditional access point within a community with limited dedicated fitness resources. And to develop realistic programs for the average working person to experience the benefits of yoga while at work by partnering with employers through AIMWell Corporate.

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