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Black Rhodonite Mala

Black Rhodonite Mala

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Rhodonite attracts people and places that help highlight one's best qualities and gifts. A sister stone to rose quartz, it brings compassion and love for others. It is a stone of grace, elegance and balance. It helps to attract opportunities to love while also evoking compassion and love for others. Rhodonite is a calming stone with its grounding effects. It invokes one's greatest potential, so it is a powerful stone to support personal growth.

Helps bring one's greatest potential forward from the heart. Attracts opportunities to love. Brings grace & balance. Helps deepen compassion & love for others.

8mm size beads.  Pink & black in color.

Hand-knotted. 108 genuine gemstones + guru bead. Ethically made. Philanthropy driven. Adorn your soul with this tool as a reminder of your precious journey. Meditate on each bead with your favorite affirmation.

Due to each piece being handmade and unique the length is approximately 20 inches, but may vary.

Made with love in India. 

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