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Shelby is a vinyasa teacher and owner of BFree Yoga in Austin, Texas. She completed her 200 hour certification through Gioconda Yoga. Shelby continues to deepen her studies through trainings and advanced workshops with notable teachers Gioconda Parker, Sarah Tomson-Beyer, and Christina Sell. Shelby is a skilled massage therapist specializing in sports injury, myofacial release and structural integration. Shelby builds her classes around a creative flowing sequence deeply rooted in alignment to move you out of your head and into your body. She speaks to liberating yourself from past limitations and restrictions and moving into possibility. Her classes are creative, progressive, vigorous, challenging, and full of vitality.


Why Malas?

My clear quartz mala has significant meaning to me. It was given to me on the island of Maui by a beautiful women who walked up to me and said, “Your light shines. Keep this.” Ive worn it ever since. I use it during mantra and mediation, a piece of thread and bead to connect my hearts desire and my spirits wisdom. I wear it to add to any out fit from studio to street. I touch it to remind myself of the light I am and the light that amazing women saw in me. It was my first mala and now I have close to 20. I receive them as gifts, I purchase them, I make them. They are all made of different stones possessing qualities that help me to ground, clear, and enhance some quality I may need in a specific time. These creations are more than just an accessory to an out fit, more than a tool for my mediation and prayer, more than gems…These are an extension and expression of the women I am in the present moment.