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My mala broke, what do I do?

I want to share with you some information on a questions I get from people, which is “My mala broke, what do I do?”

Usually, it’s a tough moment because we become attached to our malas, having chanted and warn them for some time.  But, according to the yogis,

once your mala breaks, you no longer need that one. Meaning, the relationship/karma associated with the mala is complete.

So, it is a time to celebrate the end of that connection. I say Congrats!


Of course, as a business owner, I am always happy to replace a mala that breaks within a 30-day period. But, back to the yogic philosophy….I suggest taking some time for reflection after a mala breaks. Take a moment to re-read the card that describes the stones on the mala. Take note how and why that particular stone (or seed/wood) showed up in your life when it did. Reflect on how it’s worked for you from the time you received it to the time it broke. 

Maybe it broke at a poignant time? Maybe it was a gift from someone who needed to be in your life at that time? Maybe you now embody the energetic property it offers? Ask yourself these questions and hear your own truth.


When you mala breaks, it’s a good idea to end your relationship with it, with palms together, head bowed. Do this with reverence as if you were making an offering, giving thanks and gratitudes. It is not recommended to throw the broken mala into a drawer because you are “going to get to it later”. You don’t want the energy of a broken mala lying around. Remember how excited you were when you received the mala? It was the beginning of a new relationship, so have that same stance/energy as you complete and end this relationship.
For example, take the mala apart and spread the beads around your garden or your home. Upcycle the beads into another form. Bury it. Whatever you do, do it with gratitude and closure.

From Alyson Atma: Once my pearl mala broke on a retreat right after I had an “ah-ha” moment, I got to experience that surprise, loss, and amazement. I took the beads apart, spread them on the ground with rose petals (my favorites!) and gave thanks. Enjoy this photo I took as an inspiration as to what you might be able to create after your own mala breaks.



I have had the pleasure of hearing so many stories about malas breaking at life-changing moments in people’s lives.

If you feel called to share your story, I’ll love to listen.

Every one is an amazing testament that these beautiful gifts from the earth can truly help us along our path.

We can’t wait to hear it! 

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