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I’ve always been active and call myself a “mover.” My love for movement began as a small child when my grandmother sent me to dance classes. This love of movement turned into a passion, and I danced competitively throughout high school and college. Dancing was my life but the universe had other ideas for me. After some injuries altered my life’s path, I turned to yoga for physical rehabilitation and emotional and spiritual support.

Although I still love to dance in all ways, I found the qualities of dance through the interplay of movement and breath in my yoga practice. I began teaching in 2005 to share this gift with people from all walks of life. I love to work with beginners, advanced practitioners, and everyone in between.

Since 2005, I have explored and studied many styles of yoga. I am trained in Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative and Yin Yoga. Most recently, I’ve completed 200 hours of training in Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga from Sadie Nardini and Tyler McCoy. This year I will complete another 100 hours of training in CSVY and begin my training in Pre-Natal Yoga with Stacy Wooster.

My personal yoga practice is infused with creative vinyasa flow, restorative yoga, intention setting, and devotion. I use malas with mantra to enhance my focus during meditation. They serve as a constant reminder throughout the day for me to stay connected with my intention, to breathe, and to stay on my true path.


“The bad news: There is no key to the universe. The good news: it was never locked.” – Swami Beyondananda


 Why Malas?
Most recently, I have been meditating and setting intentions with my Blue Lapis mala. I am in love with this mala. Wearing it is a constant reminder of my intentions and helps me to speak my authentic truth in a compassionate and loving way. This is something I have been cultivating in my teaching, business relationships, and personal relationships. I definitely notice a difference on the (very few) days I forget it at home! Blue Lapis has been a very grounding stone without any feelings of heaviness, and it is gorgeous. It’s such a beautiful reminder to stay in my practice, on my path, and connected to center.