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Amelia Raun


In 2009 Amelia underwent spinal fusion surgery; it was after this that she felt the draw to yoga. Fearing physical limitations, she pursued private yoga lessons and fell madly in love with the practice. In 2012, she graduated teacher training with Gioconda Parker of Austin, TX and received her 200-hour certification with Yoga Alliance. In 2013, Amelia received her second 200-hour certification through CorePower Yoga in Power Vinyasa. She loves teaching yoga; being able to share and witness the wonders of possibility with others elates her heart and soul. Amelia’s background in physical therapy combined with her training in powerful vinyasa flow creates a class that will be both sweaty and fluid. She loves to infuse each class with music, soul and lightness of heart. Her desire is that each student’s experience will ignite a flame of passion and excite them to their divine potential.

When Amelia is not in the studio, she loves spending time with her three daughters, running, making playlists, reading, stand up paddle board, exploring Austin, and soaking in the bliss of each lovely breath.


“I love the energy of stones, they’re gentle and balancing. Working with malas is a beautiful way I have found to bring that to my prayer life and daily living. Wearing the stones while I move and live day to day is a sweetness to me and using my malas in meditation with a mantra or prayer has been very grounding. The malas are noticed all the time and not simply because of their beauty, they possess a strong call to the spirit.”