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Intention Soul Spray Set

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Adorn your soul with this ethically made item as a reminder of your precious journey. Adore your world through our Philanthropy driven mission. Brighten your path while uplifting the world. Produ...

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Intention Soul Spray Set. Essential oils for the body & environment.Aromatic therapeutic blend of essential oils for your intentions, prayers, wishes and dreams. These blends have a scent you are sure to fall in love with. 2oz spray for your body, aura, environment, yoga mat, linens, clothing, pet bedding, car or anywhere that helps to bring attention and focus to.Essential oils combined with love and knowledge by our certified aromatherapist. This assured, safe blend is formulated to activate your deepest desires and help you deepen on your path.

These alchemist blends contain:

Emotional Healing- Myrrh, cypress, lemon & Sandalwood.

Good Health- Lavender, ravensara, lemon, eucalyptus radiata, bergamot & frankincense

Love- Lavender, neroli, rose absolute, frankincense, may chang & angelica

Peace- Lavender, ylang ylang, chamomile & elemi.

Protection- Cedarwood, rose geranium, black pepper, vetiver, frankincense & juniper.

Success- Frankincense, tangerine, vetiver, cinnamon & sandalwood.