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Blue Angel Mala-Inspired Necklace

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Hand-knotted. Genuine gemstones. Ethically made. Philanthropy driven. Adorn your soul with this tool as a reminder of your precious journey. Meditate on each bead with your favorite affirmation. Read More


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Shoushan Stone

This gorgeous stone (also known as agalmatolite) is a royal stone that brings longevity, health & fortune. It is great for your power center and creates harmony between the mind, body & spirit. Shoushan also fosters creativity from a place of peace.


This highly charged, deep blue stone is regal & royal. Lapis will keep anything inauthentic away, so it’s a great stone to know the truth in any situation. It’s a true scholar & teacher stone, helping you master your life. Lapis is known as the stone of awareness, enhancing intuition & clarity by creating a strong spiritual connection between the physical & celestial planes. This stone brings patience & discipline whole improving mental, spiritual & emotional states. It connects the throat chakra & third eye to bring clarity to your words while speaking your truth. Lapis is also a good stone for strengthening the immune system & improving your well-being.

Red Jasper

This deep red stone is one of courage & wisdom. It stimulates health & strength of the physical, mental & emotional body. Red Jasper connects you to earth energy to feel grounding, a sense of belonging & rooted in yourself. This stone brings focus to your livelihood & passions. It relieves stress & enhances compassion for self & others. Red Jasper gives insight & clarity to difficult situations.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is considered a powerful cleanser for mind & body, providing alignment with the higher self. It is a good stone to wear while teaching or giving healings because it enhances energy while dispelling negativity. Clear Quartz is especially recommended for meditation, as it can easily be programmed with intentions & affirmations. It’s considered a master stone that channels universal energy. This stone amplifies the spiritual energy of the wearer & can amplify the energetic property of other stones.

Green Jade

Green jade is a strong healing stone. It brings good luck, health & friendship. This stone helps you gain insight into the spiritual realm, especially when needing clear direction. Green Jade soothes the nervous system & brings peace. It aids to increases trust in yourself & towards others. This stone protects against untruths. It is a detoxing stone by cleansing the organs. Green Jade balances the heart to bring it into harmony. This stone creates energy for your highest good & rids yourself of negative behaviors.

Blue Angel Quartz

Blue Angel is clear quartz that is bonded with gold to give it a beautiful shimmer & aqua tone. This luscious stone spiritually attunes you to your soul & creates space to follow your dreams. Its high vibration helps you feel limitless in your endeavors, as if angels were guiding you along the way. Blue Angel Quartz aids in meditation to strengthen intuition, peacefulness, protection & psychic ability. This stone is soothing to the nervous system. It will give mental & emotional stability and strengthens the throat chakra & aura so you feel protected to speak the truth of your heart. Blue Angel Quartz is a great stone to work with the immune system & to bring the body back into balance. It will give the inner truth you seek.

78 Beads total.

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Shoushan, Lapis, Red Jasper, Clear Quartz, Green Jade & Blue Angel Quartz ~ Feel protected, clear & calm on your path. This mala will bring wisdom, intuition & trust as to the choices you make. Be the creative powerful person you were meant to be.