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Rosewood & Malachite Wrap Bracelet - stretchy

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Adorn your soul with this ethically made item as a reminder of your precious journey. Adore your world through our Philanthropy driven mission. Brighten your path while uplifting the world. Rosewood and Malachite Wrap B...

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ROSEWOOD is most known for removing obstacles on your path. Rosewood represents Ganesha, the beloved elephant you might see in yoga centers, shops, and homes. He is usually placed facing the front entrance for protection. Wearing rosewood is like having personal protection. It deflects negative energy and strengthens the aura. It helps the mind to focus and remain calm during meditation. Rosewood is grounding and has many health benefits, including lowering blood pressure, fighting viruses and regenerating cells. It aids in manifesting desires.

MALACHITE offers comfort in times of change. It is a powerful aid in finding insight through challenging experiences. This beautiful green stone helps alleviate negativity and sabotaging behaviors. Malachite encourages leadership, creativity, confidence, emotional balance and a fully healed heart. Its protective properties infuse positive vibrations into the aura of the wearer.  This stone is excellent for traveling, prosperity and inviting good fortune in one's career.

OM charm is the classical yoga sound representing the all-encompassing universal consciousness. It is a sacred sound made for spiritual practices and some say it is the greatest of all mantras.