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Rudraksha & Amethyst Wrap Bracelet - stretchy

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Adorn your soul with this ethically made item as a reminder of your precious journey. Adore your world through our Philanthropy driven mission. Brighten your path while uplifting the wor...

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RUDRAKSHA is a great overall protector, rudraksha represents Shiva in his most powerful form. It is a strong tool for meditation, giving tremendous concentration to the wearer. Rudraksha is known for elevating self-confidence and courage to take action. It helps build a positive attitude and strong spiritual willpower. It also offers clarity and intuition.

AMETHYST is a powerful meditative stone that works on the emotional, spiritual and physical planes to develop balance and patience. Amethyst is known for strengthening intuition, psychic awareness and spiritual power. It activates the third eye and crown chakras, fostering a sense of peace and calm to help one maintain a deeper state of meditation. Amethyst is thought to provide spiritual protection and purification while cleansing the aura. In addition, it can create a clear connection between the earthly and etheric realms.

OM charm is the classical yoga sound representing the all-encompassing universal consciousness. It is a sacred sound made for spiritual practices and some say it is the greatest of all mantras.