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Sandalwood, Rose Quartz, Prehnite & Strawberry Quartz Mala with OM charm

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Hand-knotted. 108 genuine gemstones. Ethically made. Philanthropy driven. Adorn your soul with this tool as a reminder of your precious journey. Meditate on each bead with your favorite affirmation. Read More


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SANDALWOOD purifies and strengthens the mind. It emits positive energy and can reduce depression. Sandalwood also helps with clear perception and mindfulness. It helps one overcome obstacles on one's path. It is grounding and protective. It also promotes spiritual awareness.

ROSE QUARTZ is known as the love stone and opens the heart to love of self and of others. It is a calming and cooling stone that works on the chakras to gently remove negativity and reinstate peacefulness and calm to relationships. It is used to raise self-esteem and provide for a strong sense of self-worth.

PREHNITE is considered a stone of unconditional love and the crystal to heal the healer. It enhances precognition and inner knowing while bringing peace and protection. It teaches how to be in harmony with nature and the elemental forces. Also known as the stone of prophecy, it strengthens the life force and generally increases and stimulates energy, while at the same time bringing powerful calming energies.

STRAWBERRY QUARTZ encourages living joyfully. Encourages love, gratitude and generosity. Helps one see humor in all situations. Reprograms old beliefs. Brings vitality and strength to the aura. Balancing to the emotions and psyche. Helps one gain hidden knowledge on a spiritual quest. Heals hidden issues with ease. Connects one to Universal love.

OM is the classical yoga sound representing the all-encompassing universal consciousness. It is a sacred sound made for spiritual practices and some say it is the greatest of all mantras.

Bead size: 8mm