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Lava, Amazonite & Gold Rudraksha Mala with Lotus Charm

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Hand-knotted. 108 genuine gemstones. Ethically made. Philanthropy driven. Adorn your soul with this tool as a reminder of your precious journey. Meditate on each bead with your favorite affirmation. Read More


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LAVA is a stone of transformation and rebirth. It is also a detoxifying and grounding stone. Lava provides stability and courage throughout changes. It releases fear out of the solar plexus while it gives energy and vitality.

AMAZONITE is a stone of truth, luck, trust, hope and integrity. It allows one to speak compassion and truth, while reduces fear and worry. It soothes the nervous system. It also balances the masculine and feminine polarities. Amazonite also unifies heart and throat chakras. It stills the mind and builds confidence.

GOLD RUDRAKSHA bestows tremendous concentration and power during meditation. Provides protection from negativity. Strengthens the aura. Increases intuition and brings clarity. Helps one to take righteous action on a spiritual path. Covered in gold color helps to bring out the sun qualities of the wearer: Vitality, energy, consistency and radiance.

THE LOTUS FLOWER is a symbol for opening of the heart, mind, and spirit. Being a water lily, it blooms on the surface of the water while its roots are deep in the mud below. This symbolizes the emergence of beauty from the muck or the realization of new beginnings. Its a perfect reflection of emergence from the darkness to the light.

LAVA: A stone of transformation & rebirth. Releases fear. Detoxifying & grounding. Provides stability.

AMAZONITE: Truth, luck & trust. Reduces fear & worry. Unifies heart & throat chakras. Builds confidence.

GOLDEN RUDRAKSHA GURU BEAD: Protection & spiritual willpower. Strengthens the aura, increases intuition & brings clarity.