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Howlite, Rudraksha & Silver Mala with OM Charm

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Hand-knotted. 108 genuine gemstones. Ethically made. Philanthropy driven. Adorn your soul with this tool as a reminder of your precious journey. Meditate on each bead with your favorite affirmation. Read More


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HOWLITE helps reduce stress, anxiety and anger. It brings patience and positivity. Howlite stimulates imagination and encourages expression. It reduces insomnia due to an overactive mind. Howlite also allows one to receive wisdom from the Higher Self and heal attachment to the past.

RUDRAKSHA, a great overall protector, represents Shiva in his most powerful form. It is a strong tool for meditation, lending tremendous concentration to the wearer. This stone is known for increasing spiritual power, selfconfidence, and courage, and helps build a positive attitude.

OM is the classical yoga sound representing the allencompassing universal consciousness. It is a sacred sound made for spiritual practices and some say it is the greatest of all mantras.

Bead side: 6mm


HOWLITE: Reduces stress, anxiety & negative emotions. Helps with insomnia due to an overactive mind.

RUDRAKSHA: Gives tremendous concentration & power while meditating. Protects & grounds.

SILVER: Calming & soothing. Increases positivity. Enhances intuition & patience.