Full Moon Night Hike & Meditation

Full Moon Night Hike & Meditation

Meditation & Night Hike.

Wednesday, December 11th. Austin, Texas.

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Come together under the full moon in inward-moving and calming practice. We’ll be doing an easy hike to a beautiful open spot on the greenbelt to meditate and practice Chandra Namaskar, or Moon Salutation, which honors the nurturing moon energy.

Most of us know about Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutations, which is a more external, energizing fire-building practice. It’s sister, Chandra Namaskar is a quieting sequence that is great to balance our energy before we burn ourselves out. It’s a great practice for people under stress, exhaustion, and anxiety, but still love to have a moving practice.

Let’s bow to, meditate on and cultivate the moon’s soothing lunar energy and take this time to regroup, reset, tune into devotion as we honor our lives.

Meet at the spyglass entrance of the Barton Creek Greenbelt. Bring closed-toed shoes, a headlamp, a water bottle & a yoga mat. Please keep your hands free while we are walking, so use a yoga mat strap, backpack, etc.

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All updates will be posted on the FB event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/312031882763666/

No refunds or exchanges for future events. You may gift or sell your ticket to someone else. Email alyson@atmasofferings.com to update the new ticket holder name.
Here is what past participants have said……………………

*That was amazing! It was great to meet everyone!
*What a gorgeous night and a memorable experience. Thanks for guiding us through a beautiful, restorative practice under that super-duper moon!
*Just a big gratitude hug to Alyson, the group and to the beautiful MOON! Thank you! Truly lovely experience. 🙂
*So needed this tonight. Thank you!!! #twired (we’ll make it a thing 😊)
*What a gift! What a memorable experience and Moon! Thank you for sharing this … ❤ to the moon and back 🙂
*Thanks for this!! I will be right on time from Spain with my jet lag for that next one!
*Thank you for hosting the event! I had a great time!
*It was just what I needed.
*I loooooooove moon salutations!
*I LOVE night hikes! Especially with moonlight!

Please email alyson@atmasofferings.com with any questions.

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