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Tibetan Turquoise Mala


Product Description

This beautiful blue stone bestows overall well-being to the wearer. It can help promote honest and clear communication from the heart. Related to compassion and forgiveness, it is thought to restore vitality and heal the emotional body. This stone enables acting out of truth, relieves depression and keeps the body strong. It absorbs negativity and toxins. A valuable grounding stone, it can help keep one mindful during deep meditations. Turquoise brings peace of mind, relieves stress and is also known as a master healer stone, assisting in commitment to one’s journey.


Tibetan Turquoise tag

Beneficial to overall health & well-being. Restores vitality & heals the emotional body. Inspires one to speak & act out of truth, compassion & forgiveness. Enables peace & healing. Protects against toxins & absorbs negativity.