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Peach Moonstone


Product Description

Peach Moonstone is part of the moonstone family. It’s sometimes called Apricot or Orange Moonstone. It’s known for keeping us in touch with the natural rhythms of life, just like when the moon shows us how waxing and waning is a natural part of life. It is a soothing and calming stone. It also opens us to receive loving energy and emotional balance. Peach Moonstone reminds us of the majesty and mystery of life, just as the moon is full, sitting on the horizon with the peachy, orange colors. It helps us develop strong intuition, sweet sensuality and a deep connection to the divine feminine. Peach Moonstone is nourishing to the sexual organs and good for fertility. It can also help one uplift the spirit and aide in sleeping better.

Peach Tag

Opens the heart & mind. Soothing, calming & uplifting. Reminds us of the majesty & mystery of life. Strengthens intuition & connection to the Divine. Nourishing to the sexual organs. Helps with sleeping deeply.