Money, Yoga, Business, & Travel: How to make it work for you.



Product Description

Join Alyson Atma Simms, yoga teacher and owner of Atma’s Offerings for this special webinar to talk yoga, travel, business & prosperity.

I started my love of travel at age 23 and have traveled to over 30 countries to live, work, & travel since then. I have a successful business that allows me to pursue her passions of teaching & traveling, around the US and abroad. In the last year, I have traveled to: Cuba, Australia, Bali, Atlanta, Florida, San Francisco, Houston, Sedona, New York, New Mexico, The Berkshires, & even Tulsa, Oklahoma! That’s just in the last 12 months.

You ready to do the same? Need help with your business? Or finances? or time management?

I’ll be covering all of this and more.

  • You’ll be given tools to traveling & working, including how to:
  • Start & grow your business
  • Make & save money while you are traveling
  • Start teaching at festivals
  • Manage your money
  • Stay motivated
  • Avoid mistakes
  • Get the work done that’s needed to
  • Self-care during all of it!


“Loved Alyson’s authentic sharing of her expertise in starting a business and how to keep the money coming in. I especially liked her input on creating future projects..the 2/3 working on present project and the 1/3 working on future projects. This is an excellent class for those ready to step out and begin their healing arts self employment journey!” Kristina Rogers

“Alyson lives in the fun flow of life. Her webinar gives us a glimpse of how to embark on a similar journey!” Lynn Chang, Ph.D. CAREER ZEN

“Alyson is an expert traveler and successful international business lady. And she is genuine, approachable and hilarious!” Mia Leighty, Open Heart Space

“My favorite part of your webinar was the motivation you inspired within me. It can be a daunting task of starting or continuing a business, especially in energy work. The best takeaway for me was when you told us to just start; don’t wait for things to be perfect. Also, your advice about hiring professionals was great. Thank you for dedicating the time to sharing your experiences with us”. Lanette Clark, L. C. Clark Fine Art

“I felt like I was inspired and got a lot of insight and inspiration from your webinar. Thank you so much for having it! I recommend it to anyone in the yoga field!”