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Lapis Lazuli Mala


Product Description

This highly charged, deep blue stone is regal and royal. It will dispel anything inauthentic, so it offers the opportunity to know the truth in any situation. It is a true scholar and teacher stone, offering guidance to master one’s life. It is known as the stone of awareness, enhancing intuition and clarity by creating a strong spiritual connection between the physical and celestial planes. It brings patience and discipline while improving mental, spiritual and emotional states. Lapis connects the throat chakra and third eye to infuse clarity into one’s words while speaking one’s truth. This stone is also a tonic, strengthening the immune system and improves well-being.


Lapis Tag

A stone of truth & wisdom. Enhances awareness & intuition. Helps one speak with clarity & authenticity. Strengthens the immune system. Helps one master one’s life. Dispels anything inauthentic. Brings patience & discipline.