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Mehtab’s name given to him by his teacher Yogi Bhajan, literally translated, means Light of the Moon, so it is fitting that he has become one of the most insightful and approachable Vedic astrologers around.

He has a special interest in the astrological and yogic use of gemstones and is a trained Jyotish Gem Therapist from the Vedic Cultural Fellowship.

Mehtab is Certified Advanced Vedic Astrologer and authorized tutor from the American College of Vedic Astrology and is Kundalini and Hatha Yoga Teacher Trainer.

“The proper gemstones and malas selected for your personal birth chart can remove blocks in your life and accelerate your spiritual growth. I look at three major astrological charts based on your birth time and place to determine the optimum stones to enhance your energy.”

Mehtab also offers personal astrological readings, in person or by phone and Skype, that are uniquely tuned to each individual and can focus on anything from the spiritual to the practical decisions one needs to make in day to day life.