Garnet Rose Quartz Mala

Custom Garnet & Rose Quartz Mala


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Garnet is used to increase one’s passion and desires, in part by building one’s self-confidence, inspiration, and creativity. A stone of health, it extracts negative energy from the chakras and transmutes in to the positive. Also known as the stone of commitment, to a purpose, other person or oneself. Provides a loving devotional energy that brings warmth and understanding.

Rose Quartzis known as the love stone and opens the heart to love of self and of others. It is a calming and cooling stone that works on the chakras to gently remove negativity and reinstate peacefulness and calm to relationships. It is used to raise self-esteem and provide for a strong sense of self worth.


This mala is strung on very strong but light weight and flexible steel cord. Instead of knots, a pink seed bead sits between each gemstone bead. 3-hole 10mm rose quartz guru bead   Handmade silk tassel. 7-8mm beads.


About the Designer

Liz-mntsLiz Nichols has been working with Alyson and Atma’s Offerings since 2012. She has had a passion for gems and crystals since a child and loves working with gemstones to create malas and other jewelry.

Each mala is made with care and precision. Liz chants mantra while crafting her malas to keep her focus and infuse each mala with love. Her technique and skills have grown over the years and she takes great pride in the quality and beauty of her malas & jewelry.