Arizona Turquoise and Sandalwood mala with Tibetan Knot

Custom Turquoise and Sandalwood Mala (made to order)


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Turquoise bestows overall well-being to the wearer. It can help promote honest and clear communication from the heart. A valuable grounding stone, it can help prevent one from loosing touch with the conscious mind during deep meditations. Brings peace of mind, relieves stress, it is also known as a master healer stone. In Vedic Astrology, it is considered the Saturn stone for meditation and clarity.

Sandalwood is believed to help one overcome obstacles on the yogic path. Purifying and strengthening the mind, it emits positive energy and aids in clear perception. Wearing this mala acts as an antidepressant, antiseptic, and aids in being mindful.


Hand-knotted on dark brown silk cord with a hand-made brown silk tassel. Kingman Turquoise (from Arizona) guru bead. Copper Tibetan knot charm hangs from the back of the mala. 6mm turquoise and sandalwood beads.


This mala comes made to order, please allow an extra 7-10 days to craft this mala just for you.   Customize this mala with a different color cord or tassel, or even change from sandalwood to rosewood, tulsi or rudraksha.  Contact Liz if you have any questions.

About the Designer

Liz-mntsLiz Nichols has been working with Alyson and Atma’s Offerings since 2012. She has had a passion for gems and crystals since a child and loves working with gemstones to create malas and other jewelry.

Each mala is made with care and precision. Liz chants mantra while crafting her malas to keep her focus and infuse each mala with love. Her technique and skills have grown over the years and she takes great pride in the quality and beauty of her malas & jewelry.