Mentoring, Malas, and Mediumship …MMmmmmm…Good stuff in October!

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September was a fun month of shifts for me. I moved into an apartment next to the hike and bike trail in Austin, Texas. Moving always brings big changes for me and I’m still settling into the new place. I purged a lot of things on all levels to make room for big work and big callings. I’ve had a strong sadhana (daily practice) and that might be the reason things have been smooth sailing for me during all this transition and movement. I can not emphasis enough how a daily discipline can make your life much easier for you. The definition of discipline I like the most is…

Discipline is remembering what you want.

Sometimes I miss a day and I don’t beat myself up (like I used to). I think of it as a comb. If my comb has a missing tooth (is that what they are called?), it still works for me. If it starts to miss a bunch of teeth, well, then it’s not going to brush my curly long hair! Think of your meditation practice as that….Keep up and when you forget, don’t beat yourself up, but ask yourself how many teeth you wanna lose on your comb? I’m now laughing because my wooden comb actually has one missing tooth. Life reflects life, eh?

Last month, I held two free conference calls where 68 people showed up to listen. It was so much fun for me to share my life around work, money, teaching, travel, and how I have designed my work to support my lifestyle. I offered two special mentorship opportunities to work with me and they were amazing. I was so impressed with the people who showed up who asked for help to make their business and life dreams come true. I’ll be honest, I knew I knew some things about creating a life that supports my dreams, but I got to experience that I knew more than I had thought. I loved it! I’ll be offering this again in October. Spots are already full, but I will be taking 3 more people for private sessions and 7 more people for group sessions.

Group Mentorship in October

4-week course. 1:30 hour per week. 6 hour total. Limited to 10 participants. Sign up TODAY and pay $100.00. Price goes up at midnight to $150.00. This includes a private with me for one hour to discuss website, social media, marketing, or any topic of your choice. As a group, we meet on conference calls for special “How to” topics on work, travel, business, and a well-balanced life with plenty of time for Q&A. If you miss a call, you will be able to listen to the recording. Calls will be on Wednesday evenings 7:30-9 pm. Starts Wednesday, October 7.

Private Mentorship in October

4-week course. 1:15 hour per week. 5 hours total. I’m only taking 3 participants. Sign up TODAY and pay $350.00. Price goes up at midnight to $400.00. We meet on a call and the entire time is devoted to what you need: work, travel, money, personal life, etc. The sky is the limit, but you’ll be getting a grounded mentorship experience. Calls begin when you register!

Special Mentorship with Alyson Atma Simms

Other Offerings this Fall Season:

Sunday, October 18, 4-8 pm Mediumship Training 2.0 with Keri Ports.

Join us for this unique spiritual experience which you will be become the conduit for Spirit to speak through. Alyson will begin by guiding everyone through a deep chakra meditation getting everyone all tuned into Self and Spirit. Keri will then guide you through steps to make direct connection with Spirit, which can include your spirit guides, angels, animal spirit totems, pets, and of course loved ones on the other side! All levels welcome, no experience necessary.

Early bird registration $65 through Oct. 8th

$80 after Oct. 8th

Sunday November 8, How to Make & Use a Mala with Liz Nichols, Yoga Yoga, Austin, TX, 12-4 pm.