May 2014 Newsletter

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We love our Atma Ambassador, Lilyana Frescas.

We want to take this opportunity to share a few amazing things about her,

and to give you 20% off a few of her favorite malas this month because we love you too!


Lilyana is the owner and a teacher at Hyde Park Yoga Company.  One unique thing about her studio is the Yoga Church gathering held every Sunday. After the inspiring and gentle class, stay for the potluck and mingle with your community! She teaches five classes a week, so check them out here:

Hyde Park Yoga Company will be holding there first Teacher Training starting this fall and Lilyana will be leading it along with Jenn Coats. More info here:

Personally, there is a lot of exciting stuff in May for Lilyana. It’s her birthday on May 12, so be sure to wish this Taurus a happy bday! She and her hubby, Aaron, just moved into their new house in Hyde Park AND….. BIG NEWS! They are expecting baby Frescas in November…Congrats to them both!

Want to know more about Lilyana? She’s always posting inspiring, fun, and beautiful photos for us to enjoy! So, find her here:

Instagram @hydeparkyogaco

Twitter @hydeparkyogaco

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Click on any of the featured Malas below to receive 20% off!

Discounted throughout the whole month of May!


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Atma's Teachings


Saturday May 3rd

Bereavement and Yoga: Surviving the Loss of a Loved One


Sunday May 25th

Holla’ for My Mala workshop at Hyde Park Yoga Co.


Saturday May 31st

Holla for My Mala: Kundalini Style! at Kundalini Yoga Boston

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