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The Story Behind The Beautiful Beads


Atma’s Offerings was created to equip yogis, healers and artists with one-of-a kind tools to enhance and deepen the beauty of your practice, whatever it may be.

Through our company’s passion for yoga, we have carefully selected malas, handmade journals and sacred jewelry that can bring a unique elegance to your teaching, service or spiritual exploration. Our intention is to bring devotional items from around the world to yogis and others who desire to serve with creativity and make a lasting impression on your clients and community.


mala-displayOur Malas

Every Atma’s Offerings mala is hand inspected to ensure that it is in line with our standards for energetic quality and beauty.  Atma uses only the highest quality semi-precious stones and sacred seeds. 
All the malas contain 108 beads, 1 “guru bead” and 1 “lotus petal” tassel.

Traditionally malas are used as a counting tool for mantra repetition or affirmations.  They can also be beneficial when worn on the body or kept on an altar.  Setting intentions with them is another great way to utilize their unique energy.  Each mala assists in attraction of the energetic properties you desire to have in your life.


Journal-in-handsOur Journals

Atma’s Offerings also brings to you beautiful handmade journals. Each one is unique.  Some are printed, some are hand-sewn with recycled sari material, some have flowers embedded in each page and all are brilliantly colored and vibrant. Each journal is made with 100% recycled hand-pressed paper. This allows for the writing experience to be fluid and full of ease. Each page is a treat for the senses.


EMF pendants on displayOur Pendants

Lastly, Atma’s Offerings carries one-of-a-kind sacred deity necklaces. Each design has been delicately hand-painted. Each pendant is backed with sterling silver and covered in glass. Favorite designs include the OM symbol, the image of Lakshmi, and delicate, fluttering butterflies.  Each necklace is sure to bring delight as it sits over the heart center, a reminder to let the energy of the painting nourish the soul.



Our Ethic of Giving Back


10% of all proceeds from Atma’s Offerings benefits an organization that is dear to our hearts. Based out of Austin, Texas, The Amala Foundation ( provides opportunities for personal growth through amala backyardhumanitarian service projects for youth, including local, immigrant, refugee, and international children. Amala’s largest annual event is the Global Youth Peace Summit (GYPS), which unites youth from Austin and around the world.  In 2012, GYPS brought together 75 youth from over 25 countries for eight days of heart-centered dialogue, compassionate service, and cultural exchange.

Atma’s Offerings teams up with The Amala Foundation to hit some of the best yoga festivals across the country, where we vend our precious items and discussed the work of The Amala Foundation. The community of support is growing!  To find out what festivals we will be visiting, check out our Facebook page.


who-we-areIf you would like to donate to the Amala Foundation directly, click here (

It is with a deep belief in beauty’s power to heal, a conviction in the importance of giving back and a love of all seekers everywhere that I welcome you to Atma’s Offerings!  Enjoy your visit!

~Alyson Simms, owner Atma’s Offerings



 Job Opportunities



Atma’s Offerings is seeking yogis on fire to grow the business!

If you are interested in becoming a part of a blossoming company that is spreading inspiration, we need you!

Send a resume to:

Please include a link to your Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and/or Instagram account, so we can see who you are!





Here are positions we are currently hiring for:


 Sales Representative: Austin, Houston, and Dallas.

Sales Representative: Major cities in the Mid-West

Sale Representative: Major cities on the West Coast

Sales Representative: Major cities on the East Coast

Wholesale Account Assistant: Austin, Texas


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