I’m ready for my first mala!

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Alyson-Atmas-Offerings-malachite-mala“How do I pick out my mala?” As the owner of Atma’s Offerings, I get this question a lot. When teaching How to Make Malas, we always discuss this important topic, along with other major points around malas (when it breaks, why 108 beads, how to use it…) I can tell you to use muscle testing to choose, run your hand over a few if they are on a table and sense which one is it, or google every stone ever written about to see what you are needing. I can give you all sorts of other tips to choose your mala, including using our Vedic astrologer to look at your chart and give you a prescription! And / But the easiest and best way is this:

It is the one you keep being drawn to. When looking at the malas online or in person, it is the one you keep going back to and looking at.

It’s really just that simple. If you are reading this newsletter, at one of the yoga festivals with us, taking yoga, doing meditation or any sort of self-inquiry, you have “enough” intuition to decide for yourself.

Your intuition has been developed enough to know what is right for you.

Well dang…I do believe I stopped talking about malas and am now talking about your life! Actually, I’m talking about both. Choosing your mala is like choosing your life: You know what you need. I love this.

This week, we are offering a very special deal for you. Get free shipping on all our single bead malas! These beauties are listed here. The free shipping code will be found when you check out. It’s 108freeship.

Be sure to follow us on our social media sites for special offers, inspiration, and our travels!

Mentoring, Malas, and Mediumship …MMmmmmm…Good stuff in October!

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September was a fun month of shifts for me. I moved into an apartment next to the hike and bike trail in Austin, Texas. Moving always brings big changes for me and I’m still settling into the new place. I purged a lot of things on all levels to make room for big work and big callings. I’ve had a strong sadhana (daily practice) and that might be the reason things have been smooth sailing for me during all this transition and movement. I can not emphasis enough how a daily discipline can make your life much easier for you. The definition of discipline I like the most is…

Discipline is remembering what you want.

Sometimes I miss a day and I don’t beat myself up (like I used to). I think of it as a comb. If my comb has a missing tooth (is that what they are called?), it still works for me. If it starts to miss a bunch of teeth, well, then it’s not going to brush my curly long hair! Think of your meditation practice as that….Keep up and when you forget, don’t beat yourself up, but ask yourself how many teeth you wanna lose on your comb? I’m now laughing because my wooden comb actually has one missing tooth. Life reflects life, eh?

Last month, I held two free conference calls where 68 people showed up to listen. It was so much fun for me to share my life around work, money, teaching, travel, and how I have designed my work to support my lifestyle. I offered two special mentorship opportunities to work with me and they were amazing. I was so impressed with the people who showed up who asked for help to make their business and life dreams come true. I’ll be honest, I knew I knew some things about creating a life that supports my dreams, but I got to experience that I knew more than I had thought. I loved it! I’ll be offering this again in October. Spots are already full, but I will be taking 3 more people for private sessions and 7 more people for group sessions.

Group Mentorship in October

4-week course. 1:30 hour per week. 6 hour total. Limited to 10 participants. Sign up TODAY and pay $100.00. Price goes up at midnight to $150.00. This includes a private with me for one hour to discuss website, social media, marketing, or any topic of your choice. As a group, we meet on conference calls for special “How to” topics on work, travel, business, and a well-balanced life with plenty of time for Q&A. If you miss a call, you will be able to listen to the recording. Calls will be on Wednesday evenings 7:30-9 pm. Starts Wednesday, October 7.

Private Mentorship in October

4-week course. 1:15 hour per week. 5 hours total. I’m only taking 3 participants. Sign up TODAY and pay $350.00. Price goes up at midnight to $400.00. We meet on a call and the entire time is devoted to what you need: work, travel, money, personal life, etc. The sky is the limit, but you’ll be getting a grounded mentorship experience. Calls begin when you register!

Special Mentorship with Alyson Atma Simms

Other Offerings this Fall Season:

Sunday, October 18, 4-8 pm Mediumship Training 2.0 with Keri Ports.

Join us for this unique spiritual experience which you will be become the conduit for Spirit to speak through. Alyson will begin by guiding everyone through a deep chakra meditation getting everyone all tuned into Self and Spirit. Keri will then guide you through steps to make direct connection with Spirit, which can include your spirit guides, angels, animal spirit totems, pets, and of course loved ones on the other side! All levels welcome, no experience necessary.

Early bird registration $65 through Oct. 8th

$80 after Oct. 8th

Sunday November 8, How to Make & Use a Mala with Liz Nichols, Yoga Yoga, Austin, TX, 12-4 pm.

Fall forward into some new special teachings!

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I’m a Summer lover. It’s true.

The end of Summer used to make me a little sad.

A few years ago I realized Fall is the season for learning!

I have always taken some sort of class in the Fall and have always offered special teachings. And I love learning, love teaching and believe they go hand in hand. Fall now makes me excited because it is a time to teach and learn, start to go inward and expand from the inside out. Summer is fun because I tend to expand from the outside out. I know, that might sound strange, but you know what I mean. It’s been a FUN summer to say the least.



I’ve got a very special offer this Fall for you.

Take a look….





By high request, I’ll be leading again an amazing opportunity for women.

Sorry men, but honestly, you’ll love your woman for taking this course!

This is an 6-week study group using the book, Wild Feminine by Tami Lynn Kent. This book single-handedly changed my and many women’s lives.

For more information on this book,

testimonials from powerful women you might know,

and how to sign up, go here:


Teaching Events


How to Make & Use a Mala

Black Swan Yoga, Austin, TX.

Saturday, September 12th, 4-6 pm

Create! Using Kundalini & Chakras for Focus and Flow

Nirvana Yoga, Atlanta, GA.

Friday, September 25th, 7-9 pm

How to Make & Use a Mala with Liz Nichols

Yoga Yoga, Austin, TX.

Sunday November 8th, 12-4 pm


Sancuary-Yoga-ScheduleMy regular weekly classes at Sanctuary Yoga: Austin, TX
Monday 4:00pm – Kundalini

Monday 5:30pm – Hatha & Meditation

Thursday 10:30am – Vinyasa
Check out the full schedule here


Vending Events


Physique Komen Foundation Expo

Saturday, September 19th, 12-8 pm

Austin, TX.

South East Yoga Conference

Friday to Sunday, September 25th – 27th

Atlanta, GA.

Austin Community Yoga Festival

Sunday, September 27th, 12-6 pm

Austin, TX.

Get 50% off your mala!

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In this month’s newsletter, I want to share with you some information on a questions I get from people, which is “My mala broke, what do I do?”

Usually, it’s a tough moment because we become attached to our malas, having chanted and warn them for some time.  But, according to the yogis,

once your mala breaks, you no longer need that one. Meaning, the relationship/karma associated with the mala is complete.

So, it is a time to celebrate the end of that connection. I say Congrats!

Atmas-Offerings-rose-quartz-mala-hand-reachingOf course, as a business owner, I am always happy to replace a mala that breaks within a 30-day period. But, back to the yogic philosophy….I suggest taking some time for reflection after a mala breaks. Take a moment to re-read the card that describes the stones on the mala. Take note how and why that particular stone (or seed/wood) showed up in your life when it did. Reflect on how it’s worked for you from the time you received it to the time it broke. 

Maybe it broke at a poignant time? Maybe it was a gift from someone who needed to be in your life at that time? Maybe you now embody the energetic property it offers? Ask yourself these questions and hear your own truth.


When you mala breaks, it’s a good idea to end your relationship with it, with palms together, head bowed. Do this with reverence as if you were making an offering, giving thanks and gratitudes. It is not recommended to throw the broken mala into a drawer because you are “going to get to it later”. You don’t want the energy of a broken mala lying around. Remember how excited you were when you received the mala? It was the beginning of a new relationship, so have that same stance/energy as you complete and end this relationship.
For example, take the mala apart and spread the beads around your garden or your home. Upcycle the beads into another form. Bury it. Whatever you do, do it with gratitude and closure.

From Alyson Atma: Once my pearl mala broke on a retreat right after I had an “ah-ha” moment, I got to experience that surprise, loss, and amazement. I took the beads apart, spread them on the ground with rose petals (my favorites!) and gave thanks. Enjoy this photo I took as an inspiration as to what you might be able to create after your own mala breaks.


I have had the pleasure of hearing so many stories about malas breaking at life-changing moments in people’s lives.

If you feel called to share your story, I’ll love to listen.

Connect with us, share your story and receive a 50% code for your next purchase!

Every one is an amazing testament that these beautiful gifts from the earth can truly help us along our path.

We can’t wait to hear it! 

Post your story, moment, photo on Facebook or Instagram and tag us @atmasofferings.

We’ll then send you your link to half off any of the regular

108 bead Atma malas!

(The custom, wrist, journals, and clothing are excluded from this offer.)


Today is the last day to get $200.00 OFF your registration for Bali!


Come join me for a once in a lifetime yoga vacation!



What’s Included:

* 7 nights accommodations

* airport transfers

* All Hatha & Kundalini yoga classes with Alyson Atma

* One Balinese massage

* Group temple tour / elephant cave tour

* Group bicycle tour & beach excursion

* All breakfasts and dinners, plus 4 lunches

* Balinese cultural performance

Click here for more info 




How to Make a Mala Bead.

I am Yoga Festival.

August 15. Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Candlelight Yin Yoga: A Nurturing Practice


The Subtle Body: Kundalini Yoga to Expand Your Life Force,


Yoga Nidra: Experiencing Rest, Rejuvenation, and Healing

3rd Street Yoga.

Aug 21-23. Edmond, Oklahoma.

How to Make and Use a Mala: Kundalini Style.

Sat Nam Fest East.

August 26-30. Waynesboro, PA.




Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

To you, who are reading this today.

To you, who have purchasing our products to support this small, women-owned business. To you, who stop by our booths at festivals to say hello. To you, who write us emails to share your stories. To you, who attend Alyson Atma’s classes far and wide. To you, who follow your heart’s calling to brighten the world. To you, who express all aspects of life as fully as you can. To you, who are faces of Spirit in every form.


Summer Solstice Women's CampAnd lastly, to you, who we just met at Summer Solstice in New Mexico! It was so much fun to be with you all. You all got a postcard from us with a 10% off your next online purchase. Always remember, “Gratefulness makes you Great.”

For those of you coming to Women’s Camp, I’ll be teaching all week, so be sure to introduce yourself if we haven’t met!



Bali Vacation with Alyson Atma SimmsInterested in Bali?

Now is the time to start planning this Yoga Adventure with me!

Get $200.00 off if you register by August 1st.

Click here to find out more!





Lastly, I will be back teaching my regular classes at
Sanctuary Yoga starting July 9th.

I’ve got new music, yoga sets, and
inspiration to share with you!


Join Atma in beautiful Bali!

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I just returned from leading my retreat in Costa Rica & it
was amazing. We had the best group of people we
could have asked for.

I miss each of every one of them!
Taking a week of to reflect and rejuvenate out of
our normal daily lives is a must for all  of us.




The big news is we’ve just secured a
location for our 2016 retreat, and it’s official….

I’ll be leading a group to one of
my favorite places in the world, Bali!

Y’all, I’m so excited!



Join me there May 29-June 5 for a week of Hatha, Kundalini, jungle, beaches, organic food, excursions, and all the beautiful culture Bali offers!

We’ll be staying at Soulshine, a very special retreat center co-created by Michael Franti, which is a beautiful blend of Balinese and Chic Eco-Architecture, surrounded by a bubbling river and picturesque rice terraces. Five minutes outside the cultural hub of Ubud, it’s perfect to get a real flavor of what makes Bali so amazing.

I was here last year and can attest, it’s a fantastic place to go!

Sign up before August 1st and receive $200.00 off. We can bring along 20 of you, and have already filled 2 just today. Check it out quick, if you’re being called to this magically healing place, a deposit will ensure your space. We’re also happy to help you with a payment plan.


Click here to reserve your spot or to find out more
about our Bali adventure!





Kundalini Summer Solstice Celebration 
June 18-27

Alyson is teaching a tender and powerful class,
Yoga and Bereavement: Surviving the Loss of a Loved One.
Atma’s Offerings has a booth in the bazaar.
Stop by our booth for a free gift!


Women’s Kundalini Camp 
June 29-July 5

Alyson is teaching 4 classes during this sweet week in
Shakti Valley. Hatha Yoga for Kundalinis, Pelvic Rejuvenation,
Yoga for Food and Body Image, and How to Make a Mala.

Faceted Malas, April Showers, and May Flowers

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April Showers bring May Flowers,

…but for Atma’s Offerings, it brought a
brand new beautiful mala!

Our Faceted Tiger Eye is a powerful tool you will love wearing. It’s a great mala for grounding and stabilizing through changes. It enhances good luck. It also gives courage and self-confidence to the wearer. The facets are diamond cuts, which enhances the energy of the stones.

This May, we’re celebrating by giving you
20% off all our faceted Malas,
including Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Black Onyx,
Carnelian, and our newest, Tiger Eye.

See them all here



Do you need to retreat right now?!

We do have two spots left if you need a “last minute rejuvenation and relaxation on the beach unforgettable vacation”.

Alyson and Kyla will be leading
this amazing Costa Rica retreat May 16-23.

Click here for more info






Lastly, start making your plans for the

Kundalini Summer Solstice Festival &
the Kundalini Women’s Camp
June 18 – July 5.

Alyson will be teaching four classes,
so join her in New Mexico!

Want to know what’s cool?! Our new Vedic Chakra Mala!

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Atma’s Offerings has a beautiful new mala we are excited to share with you!


Vedic Chakra Mala:


What’s nice about our new Chakra Mala is that it touches upon on all the aspects of balancing were looking for: grounding and stability, creativity, personal power, love and compassion, speaking out truth, bring intuitive, and connecting with the Divine.

This Mala also balances all the elements: earth, water, fire, air, and ether.




So if you’re looking for a good “overall, does a little bit of everything” kinda Mala, this ones for you!

The stones in order:chakra-mala-1

1st chakra – Hematite
2nd chakra – Carnelian
3rd chakra – Citrine
4th chakra – Rose Quartz
5th chakra – Turquoise
6th chakra – Lapis Lazuli
7th chakra – Amethyst.

Diamond Cut Clear Quartz are used between each chakra to tie them all together.






Saturday, April 18


Austin Earth Day, 3-4 pm
FREE Hatha and Meditation class

Saturday, April 18th
How to Make Your Own Mala with Liz Nichols
Austin, Texas

Friday, April 24 – Sunday, April 26th
Psychic Salon & Studies Weekend with Keri Ports
Austin, Texas




And lastly, We have only 3 SPOTS LEFT
in Alyson’s Costa Rica Retreat!

Come spend 7 days on the beach in the Osa Peninsula with daily Hatha and Kundalini classes. Adventure to the National park, surf, hike, or just enjoy the spa and beach…all right outside your front door!

If you need any questions answered, please contact me at
Or for questions regarding payment plans, email

See you there!!


WholesaleAvailable sign

Malas for Spring Cleaning & Renewal

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Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 6.21.30 PM


Please place your deposit soon to ensure your space. This retreat will be like no other retreat or festival you have been to.

If you need any questions answered, please contact me at
Or for questions regarding payment plans, email

February 2015 Newsletter

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Houston, Texas


February 21nd, 9:00 am
Holla for my Mala Workshop
Houston, Texas


February 21st
Vending at White Tantric Yoga
Austin, Texas






Please place your deposit soon to ensure your space. This retreat will be like no other retreat or festival you have been to.

If you need any questions answered, please contact me at

Or for questions regarding payment plans, email



WholesaleAvailable sign

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