Atma’s Offerings malas were created to equip you with one-of-a kind tools to enhance and deepen the beauty of your practice. Through our company’s passion for beauty and yoga, we have carefully selected malas that can bring a unique elegance to your teaching, service or spiritual exploration.

Every mala is hand inspected to ensure that it is in line with our standards for energetic quality, beauty and sturdiness. We only uses the highest quality stones and sacred seeds.

Traditionally malas are used as a counting tool for mantra repetition or affirmations. They can also be beneficial when worn on the body or kept on an altar. Setting intentions with them is another great way to utilize their unique energy. Each mala assists in attraction of the energetic properties you desire to have in your life.

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We also love working with you to create your own masterpiece that reflects your unique qualities. Use our contact form to reach out so we may help get your exactly what you want.

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